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Afrigran is an accredited Caesarstone fabricator in Durban. We stock the entire range of Caesarstone products that are available in South Africa. Caesarstone is the original quartz surface manufacturing company that introduced pioneering innovation in the field of quartz surfaces.Caesarstone's quartz surfaces are ideal for virtually any interior surface from kitchen counter tops, bathroom vanities and stairs, to wall panelling and interior furniture. Caesarstone offers the industry's widest range of colours and meticulously meets the demands of even the most exacting residential and commercial clients. There are various thicknesses and the slabs are 3000x1400.

All Caesarstone's quartz surface products are manufactured from up to 93% quartz (one of nature's hardest minerals) and high-quality polymer resins and pigments that are compacted under intense vibration, vacuum, and pressure into dense, non-porous slabs.


Alaska 3141 - Available in 13mm, 20mm & 30mm
Ice Snow 9141 -Available in 20mm & 30mm
Nougat 6600 - Available in 20mm & 30mm
Ocean Foam 6141 20mm
White Shimmer 3142 - Available in 20mm & 30mm
Snow White 2141 - Available in 13mm, 20mm & 30mm
Pure White 1141 - Only in 20mm
Vivid White 1111 13mm
Organc White 4600 - Available in 20mm & 30mm
White Star 7141 - Available in 20mm & 30mm
Almond Rocco 9241 - Available in 20mm & 30mm
Dreamy Marfil 5220 - 20mm Only. Supernatural Range
Panna Cotta 4255 - Available in 20mm & 30mm
Sandy Beach 2260 20mm & 30mm
Mocha 2370 - Available in 13mm, 20mm & 30mm
Walnut 3350 20mm & 30mm
Wild Rice 4360 20mm only
Shitake 4230 - Available in 20mm & 30mm
Linen (Honed) 2230 13mm
Raw Concrete 4004 20mm only
Sleek Concrete 4003 20mm & 13mm
Titan 3040 20mm & 30mm
Grey 2003 - Available in 20mm & 30mm
Oyster 4030 - Only in 20mm
Raven 4120 - Available in 20mm & 30mm
Emperadoro 5380 - 20mm Only. Supernatural Range
Frosty Carrina 5141 - 20mm Only. Supernatural Range
London Grey 5000 - 20mm Only. Supernatural Range
Piatra Grey 5003 - 20mm Only. Supernatural Range
Clamshell 4130- 20mm only
Coastal Grey 6003- 20mm only
Vanilla Noir 5100 - 20mm only
Bianco Drift 6131 - 20mm only
Calacatta Nuvo 5131 20mm only
Statuario Maximus 5031 13mm
Misty Carrera 4141 20mm
Symphony Grey 5133 20mm only
Fresh Concrete 4001 13mm
Tuscan Dawn 5104 20mm
Nobley Grey 5211 20mm
Rugged Concrete 4033 13mm & 20mm
Montblanc 5043 20mm
Moorland Fog 6046 20mm
Atlantic Salt 6270 20mm & 30mm
Chocolate Truffle 6350 20mm & 30mm
Jet Black 3100 20mm
Crocodile 2141C 13mm only - Motivo Range
Crocodile Black 3100 13mm only - Motivo Range
Lace Paisley White 2141L. 13mm only - Motivo Range
Lace Paisley Black 3100L. 13mm only - Motivo Range


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Officially accredited fabricator of ceasarstone products