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Afrigran - Granite, Mrable and Caesarstone


This Semi-precious stone collection by Caesarstone is by order only. It is comprised of individually cut semi-precious stones which are then bound together to be cut into slabs.   
Amethyst 8551
Apple Jasper 8720
Blue Agate 8531
Brown Agate 8310
Durmortierite 8540
Graphic Feldspar 8620
Grey Agate 8311
Hematite 8580
Hematoid Quartz 8460
Ice Quartz 8200
Light Smokey Quartz 8441
Petrified Wood 8330
Petrified Wood Classic 8331
Picture Jasper 8210
Rose Quartz 8410.
Tiger Eye 8630
White Quartz 8141
Yellow Quartz 8430


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